What does it mean to ‘Be the Jellyfish’?

Where did ‘Be the Jellyfish’ come from?
What does it mean to ‘Be the Jellyfish’?
Why ‘ Be the Jellyfish’?

We get asked these questions a lot! It’s only natural, Be the Jellyfish, our business name is an unusual one.  It is also a name we love, a name that intrigues and thankfully a name people remember!

We thought it might be interesting to share our answers on the blog!

Where did ‘Be the Jellyfish’ come from?

That’s simple. It came from one of our first classes when Lucy and I were both still teaching, whilst trialling out art and relaxation classes as after school and lunch time groups.  One class was themed ‘under the sea’ and during one of the activities we asked the children to ‘be’ various kinds of sea creatures – a jellyfish was one of them!

As the children were moving around the space, impersonating their best jellyfish forms, one boy came up to us and said, “Miss, I really feel like a jellyfish!” He looked so calm, so relaxed and moved so quietly that we smiled and thought little more about it.

Months later when we decided to go ahead and make the programme available to more children, we spent hours thinking of a name that wasn’t already taken. It was several cups of tea and a few cheese scones later that we both remembered what that young man had said. And we thought about how amazing it would be if all children could feel like he did, if all children could ‘Be the Jellyfish,’ and so it was decided!

What does it mean to ‘Be the Jellyfish’?

The more we thought about what ‘Be the Jellyfish’ actually meant the more it made sense. You just have watch a jellyfish swim in an aquarium, it’s mesmerising and incredibly relaxing. Similarly, a jellyfish bobbing along in the sea looks as though it has not a care in the world. They are simple yet complicated, dull yet colourful, expressionless yet intriguing! Unlike us, jellyfish don’t have a brain, a heart or a centralised nervous system. They are almost a blank canvas when it comes to thoughts, feelings and emotion but like us, they do come in all different shapes, colours and sizes.

With all this in mind, we concluded that to ‘Be the Jellyfish’ was to experience a sense of calm, creativity and wellbeing. To be in the moment, to explore and express emotions safely and to recognise and be accepting of ourselves and others. Everything we have created through the Jellyfish programme and resources was designed achieve this.

Why ‘Be the Jellyfish’? 

The simple answer is how could we not?!

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