What do your shoes say about you?

Waiting on the station platform the other afternoon, I couldn’t help but be drawn to a fabulous pair of shoes worn by the woman next of me. They were a bright, vintage fabric patchwork heel and really stood out from her otherwise standard office attire. Sadly the shoes hurried away into a different carriage before I was able to enquire where she had bought them from but they stayed with me for my train journey as I checked out the footwear of my other fellow passengers and reminisced about some of the magical shoes I myself had once owned.

As teenager I was mad about shoes; I had a part time job and no bills to pay so spent much of my weekly wage on them. I also used to enjoy whiling away the hours doodling my own shoe designs and day dream about the epic shoe collection I would one day own.

Fast forward 25+ years and well that mammoth shoe collection never really happened. As much as I still appreciated a lovely pair of shoes the desire (along with the available cash flow) to line every shelf I have with them has passed. I’m not ashamed to say that today, comfort has become the most important factor for me when it comes to shoes, well everyday shoes anyway!

When however, I look at my current ‘mini’ shoe collection it does make me smile. Unconsciously it says an awful lot about me; each pair unintentionally mirroring an aspect of my personality. From the ridiculously comfortable, cosy and worn Chelsea boots to the witchy, quirky purple vintage heels; the spectrum, just like my character, is broad.

Interestingly, the way each pair makes me feel is never the same and when worn, they involuntarily bring to the forefront the way I am feeling or the quality I wish to harness for that day, for that occasion or for that moment.

I wonder how the woman with the patchwork heels was feeling that day and why every person I passed was wearing the shoes they choose to wear or indeed didn’t choose but just wore them because they had no other option.

Not unsurprisingly all these shoe thoughts brings to mind that late 80’s childhood TV staple, The Shoe People. Shoo –be – do – be… oh no, now I can’t stop humming the theme tune! Anyhow, my point is Margot the ballet pump really was as graceful and lovely as a ballet dancer and Wellington certainly knew how to have fun in puddles!  

Our choice of shoes, as well as protecting our feet, can project how we are feeling. They can be a creative expression, they can communicate something about ourselves to ourselves and if we chose to share, to others. So remember ‘Every time you’re skipping down the street, think about the shoes upon your feet, today… Shoo – be do – be – be – do people…’





June 12th, 2019 by