What do children really think about Jellyfish classes?

Feedback from the children

Every now and then, we ask the children we work with to fill in a journey sheet.  This helps us to understand more about what children would like to get out of attending Jellyfish classes and also gives us an idea of how successful a block of classes has been.

One question on the journey sheet asks ‘How do Jellyfish classes make you feel?’  The answers we have received confirm the need for children to have access to experiences such as those provided by Jellyfish classes.

Some of the answers children have given:



‘nice inside’

‘peaceful and relaxed’

‘more interested in things’



‘more gentle’


Further more, when asked what they liked about Jellyfish classes children made comments such as:

‘I like having the chance to breath’

‘I like the feeling having freedom towards my work and not being judged by work’

‘I like having time to relax and be myself’

40 out of the 40 Journey sheets completed by children ranging from ages 6 to 11 said that they would like Jellyfish classes to be a part of their school day.  One Year 6 boy from a school in Crawley even went so far as to say; ‘If that was a club, I would go every single day!’.

Sarah xx

March 23rd, 2016 by