January 10th, 2019 by Be the Jellyfish Team

You may have noticed that the Be the Jellyfish tag line is ‘Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing’ but what exactly is social and emotional wellbeing? And how do we support it?

Well let’s begin with ‘wellbeing’ as a word. The Oxford English Dictionary defines wellbeing as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.’ When we feel comfortable within ourselves and with those around us, when we feel healthy both physically and mentally, and when we are able to experience a sense of happiness then without doubt the overall feel is being in the moment, living our lives and enjoying it – experiencing a sense of wellbeing!

Our aim in supporting emotional wellbeing seek to support children in having this comfortable, healthy and happy relationship with themselves. To strengthen and build a sense of self confidence and worth, to be able to recognise and communicate feelings and emotions of all kinds and to have the resilience to accept and manage them as a part of everyday life.

With supporting social wellbeing we extend the above to helping children to experience and acquire the skills that can help enable them to have a more comfortable, healthy and happy interaction and relationship with others.

In order to achieve these aims, the Be the Jellyfish programme facilitates relaxation and sensory experiences. It welcomes opportunities for creative expression and builds in quality time for reflection.

The programme and resources utilise the Jellyfish strands which guide children to Discover, Explore, Express, Manage and Develop aspects of themselves and their relationships with others.  It encourages and supports adults to create an environment where children feel valued and accepted; guiding them to facilitate activities that invite children to interact and communicate.  

All in, with the aim of helping children to experience comfort, health and happiness!

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