Spring Clean – Tidy house, tidy mind?

I have a confession….I have been #HINCHED! Some of you reading this may be thinking, huh?!

Let me explain. I am one of 1.8 Million followers of Sophie Hinchliffe’s social media account, she is an Instagram sensation and modern day cleaning guru. Her time saving hints and tips on how to manage, organise and clean your home has seen her build a large and loyal following who are fondly referred to as the #hincharmy.

But Mrs Hinchliffe is not only a guide (and beacon of light!) for those of us who are overwhelmed with the daily grind of chores which pile up alongside all the other spinning plates of life. I for one find her very amusing to watch, she has the ability to cheer up your day with a quick video but there is another reason she is so loved… She also openly welcomes her audience into her life and honestly shares her personal battle with anxiety. She uses her platform to support and encourage other #hinchers who are engaged in their own battles and inspires so many with her positivity.

It seems hinching (AKA cleaning) is a modern day tool for many to manage their own mental health. Whether it is the satisfaction of accomplishing a small goal, ticking off a ‘to do’ list or simply watching someone you can relate to succeed day to day, it is proving to be very healing for thousands of people. All this is apparent through the hundreds of messages Sophie receives and shares on her page and in her ever growing following.

Her account is not just a hub for those whose goal it is to be a domestic god/goddesses or cleaning enthusiasts. It is a virtual sanctuary for people to join together, share and voice their own demons.

Ultimately, like Be the Jellyfish it is a place where people express and communicate their thoughts and feelings. As our readers are fully aware this is just as important for children as it is adults, we provide the house ( or

environment) for children to share their emotions. So, is it a tidy house, tidy mind? or positive environment = positive wellbeing?

March 5th, 2019 by