Sharing the love – February and Beyond

Be creative with your love!

An unexpected Christmas gift in the form of Stephen Fry’s Mythos has resulted in my January being well and truly emerged in the world of Greek myth; the colourful characters, the complex relationships and the fantastical tale. Perhaps it’s because of the recently passed St Dwynwen’s Day, that Jellyfish Lucy is getting married this year or that Valentine’s is fast approaching but the chapter that won’t leave my mind is that of Cupid and Psyche.

I hadn’t known that the ancient Greeks had many words to describe love and deities to protect and champion it. I was previously aware of love as a concept being separated into forms but Mythos, the Erotes and the words for love have without doubt reignited my thinking of love and its complexity.

Romantic love, selfless love, love between family and friends and patriotic love are all undoubtedly all love in its greater sense and yet not all equally celebrated. The greeting cards around at the moment, leave us in no doubt to as to which love Valentine’s day celebrates.

However more and more I hear of people sending a token of love to a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend, even a colleague and surely this can only be a good thing!

There is no doubting that love has many forms, just ask the ancient Greeks, so when we celebrate love let’s not forgot that. Let’s be creative and not  limit the ‘I love you’ in February to Valentines. On, before and after February the 14th let’s show love to all those we love and all those in need of love – including ourselves!

February 11th, 2019 by