New Year, New Jellyfish? Using Jellyfish Cards to set your 2018 goals.

Jellyfish cards

New year, new beginnings and so what better way to communicate an aspect of yourself that you want to work on this year than through the jellyfish metaphor! Our Jellyfish Cards are a perfect tool for the whole class or with an individual. Simply find a jellyfish that encompasses the you that you would like to embrace this 2018 or draw one of your own.

Perhaps a sporty jellyfish, an assertive jellyfish, an organised jellyfish or a happy jellyfish?

Stuck for ideas?

Our Jellyfish cards depict 47 different jellyfish, feelings, emotions, states of being that children (and adults) can resonate with.

Follow on tasks could include discussion and advice that could be given to the jellyfish to achieve their goal/s.

Find all of our wellbeing resources, including our Jellyfish Cards here.

January 4th, 2018 by