Lil Star

‘There is nothing special about me
I am just a lil star
If it seems like I’m shining it’s probably
A reflection of something you already are

I forget about myself sometimes
When there’s so many others around
When deep inside you feels the darkest
That is where I can always be found
That is where I can always be found
That is where I can always be found

Just keep trying and trying
It’s just a matter of timing
Though the grinding is tiring
Don’t let it stop you from smiling

Just keep trying and trying
Sooner or later you’ll find it
It’s surprising how inspiring
It is to see you shining

Cause in the dark of the night you’re all I can see
And you sure look like a star to me…’

I’ve always loved these lyrics from Kelis’ Lil Star 2006, I often recall them at times when I’m feeling low in myself and have played the song on numerous occasions to children I have worked with. 

In a world of over 7 billion people it easy to believe that we really are insignificant and forgettable.  Like the stars we are one of many in an endless sea of others and sometimes we can get lost in this dark and often lonely place.  Stars however, although they might look the same are all unique.  In fact it is generally believed by scientists that no two stars are identical.  Every single star, just like you and me, is made up of its own unique properties!  So at the end of the day we are, each and every one of us, special.

Like the stars we shine in our own way and through our uniqueness we matter.  In fact, whether we know it or not, we matter in so many different ways, we bring light to unexpected places and twinkle even when we are trying not to shine. 

Discovering what it is that make you special can be hard, especially for those of us with low self-esteem so please, just trust me on this one, you are simply special because you are you.  There is no one else on this earth or in the heavens like you. You are unique in every way and like the stars, you have a part to play; you may not know what it is yet or how big or small that part is but it one that is important and one that only you can play.

If ever you doubt yourself, your ability, you appearance or even your existence, if ever life feels dark, lonely or even pointless, know that you are special, you are unique, you do matter, that’s not just my opinion, it’s fact and you know “you sure look like a star to me.’

November 29th, 2019 by