Is September the new New Years?!

This blog was inspired by my friend as we walked away from a family day at Bracklesham beach, sadly marking the end of our summer outings but what an idyllic day to finish on!

With the impending start of September, ‘back to school’ organisation and change of season, I realised that September was feeling more and more like a fresh start; an opportunity to take back some self control following a satisfying summer of indulgence and general lack of routine.
Personally the last week of August felt like a time of reflection after much happy change in my life and now it seemed that mentally gearing up for the new academic year must commence, had New Years started early?

For many of us the start of a new week or new month is a time or re-organisation and goal setting, therefore January 1st is a global time of resolutions but often I hear of the negative impact this can have on people and the timing and pressure of these resolutions are not always positive, in fact it can feel a rather depressing time after the wonderful yet often manic Christams, indeed some are looking to recover from December! So why is September different?
Many appear to welcome the transition to September, familiar routine and daily structure so the mindset is postitive from the outset, it is natural then that with this positive outlook other personal niggling goals seem feasible to achieve. Just like the January fitness push, I started to notice gyms and leisure centres promoting September as the month of a fresh start.

There is something comforting about Autumn too, for me it triggers warming memories. So I welcome September, bring on slippers, pumpkin spiced lattes, Jellyfish Sarah’s pumpkin pie of dreams and wrapping up in cosy jumpers! This list in itself reminds me my spirits will be high this month!
It’s a fresh academic year for Be the Jellyfish too and we are so excited for what’s to come. In fact I selected this year’s diary because of its message, ‘ This is your year.’ I like to think that it was aimed at the Jellyfish Team.

September 13th, 2019 by