Helping Children with SATs Stress

It’s that time of year again. Children, parents and teachers are feeling the stress of the impending Year 6 SATs examination week. We don’t want to launch into one about SATs, preparing for and taking tests is a part of life, but why do they have to be so stressful?

We’ve lost count of the times that we’ve told children to “just try their best” and “not to worry”, “nothing bad will happen”, “the sky won’t fall down”, “you will still be you”, “you will still be loved” and yet the eyes are still filled with fear, the minds still frozen, the bodies still tense and the tummies still churning.

We came across some sound advice from the NHS designed to help children cope with exam stress. This is wonderful advice and not alone in offering help; the internet is full of super advice and strategies for exam stress and anxiety, but it saddens us that such help is now needed by so many children country and worldwide.

We as adults must all take a step back and review how we are promoting exams and test to children. We advise asking yourself some of the following questions to determine how we are impacting the perception of tests, in the eyes of the children in our care.

Are we giving examinations such as SATS too much ‘airtime’?

Are we unwittingly adding additional pressure?

Are we more concerned about what thetests say about us as parents? As teachers?

Ensure that SATs testing and testing in general does not come before a child’s wellbeing. And if you need any extra help, in short and long term strategies for helping the children in your care, please get in touch. We’d love to talk to you about how Be the Jellyfish can help.

May 9th, 2018 by