Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Exercise aids a healthy mind

At Jellyfish HQ we are firm believers in ‘a healthy body means a healthy mind’. So whilst recovering on the sofa at home after an evening of team sport with my fellow Jellyfish Sarah, I felt inspired to write today’s blog about achieving a healthy mind.

Although I am genuinely exhausted from physically working hard I always feel the same uplifting buzz following aerobic activity. The sense of achievement really makes me feel like I could conquer the world…however, my legs feel like jelly, I am hotter than the sun and redder than my tomato juice!

Since my son was born, I  have spent the best part of a year gradually encorporating time in my week to do some form of exercise. The benefits to my overall wellbeing have been wonderful. I feel stronger, energised and my general mood is greatly improved with a feeling of positivity.

We would encourage anybody to give activity a go. Whether it be a a country walk or a team sport, the positive endorphins created are fantastic for combating emotions such as stress, anxiety and low energy.

It is no surprise that in this generation, children are being encouraged to exercise to support not only their physical health, but also for a healthy mind.

At Be the Jellyfish we support a healthy mind by incorporating art, relaxation and physical activities in the Jellyfish Programme.

To discover more about how we can help you support children to achieve a healthy mind get in touch. today.

June 21st, 2018 by