Firework thoughts…

The moment before a firework goes off is a moment of stillness and silence. A moment of waiting and apprehension. A moment before we see what the firework will be and what it will become. Thoughts such as: Will it be spectacular? The best? Worst? Dullest? may cross the minds of the crowd eagerly awaiting but in truth these thoughts are worthless and quickly forgotten for regardless of the size, expense or chemical make up, each firework is simply what it is and what is was intended to be – A beautiful beloved light.
We could have similar thoughts about ourselves, in fact many of us do and this often holds us back from showing and being who we really are. We are all special, all unique, all beautiful.
So why not let your firework off this November 5th? It takes a brave person to show their colour, their sound, their pattern, their self and so in that bravery there can be no fail, no disappointment, no shame. For no matter how ‘small’, ‘dull’, ‘boring’, ‘plain’ some fireworks may perceive themselves, they are all beautiful, all special, all joy giving and all deserving of their moment set high in the night sky.XX

November 1st, 2017 by