Count down to Christmas

Goodness, how is it already December 10th?!  Only fourteen more doors to open on the advent calendar and there are still cards to write, gifts to be bought, food to sort, naughty elves to position, wrapping to undertake, hours to work, rooms clean and to homes decorate – Sound familiar?

There is no doubting that Christmas is a busy time for adults and the annual internal ticking clock seems to tick all the more louder as the number of sleeps until Christmas morning become fewer and fewer…So take a step back.  Breathe deeply. Prioritise.  What really needs to be done and what is just being done because you think it is expected of you?

At this time of year, we always like to bring to mind the knowledge that the greatest gifts are those of LOVE, TIME and FRIENDSHIP.  If somehow any of these three gifts is being neglected in our Christmas preparations, we stop and reconsider if what we are doing is really necessary to gifting LOVE, TIME and FRIENDSHIP to those around us.  If the answer is no, we don’t continue with it.

As they grow, children won’t remember the presents but they will remember the love you show them, the time you spend with them and the friendship you offer them.


December 11th, 2017 by