Community Jellyfish Teachers

Community Jellyfish Teachers

Handpicked for their loveliness, experience and suitability, trained, licenced and accredited by us, Community Jellyfish Teachers offer Jellyfish classes and activities within school and their local community.

Discover what they can offer your child, school or community group today!

Nina Prout
Nina Prout. Gloucestershire
Hi there! I am absolutely overjoyed to become an accredited Community Jellyfish teacher. I am a qualified teacher with over 16 years teaching experience. I specialise in early years but have previously worked as a youth worker and with children with special educational needs. I am a warm and empathetic person who really cares about children and their wellbeing. Promoting children’s emotional and social wellbeing has always been at the heart of my teaching philosophy; as I feel it breaks down barriers to learning and helps promote a positive view of themselves. What appealed to me about the Jellyfish programme was how it supported wellbeing through creativity. I am a kinaesthetic learner and I learn through doing. Creativity encourages self-expressions and helps us acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness. Creativity has no limits!
For more information about the Be the Jellyfish Community classes and activities I offer contact me on:
Helen Livanos
Helen Livanos.
West Sussex
Hello! I am a qualified teacher with over 8 years experience in different settings. I specialise in Early Years and run Playing Phonics, but I believe children’s mental well being is the foundation of all learning. I have watched Be the Jellyfish grow and now I am so proud to be officially a member of the team. I am loving being back in touch with my creative side and I practise Be the Jellyfish on my beautiful three young children at home, which we all benefit from. This Community Jellyfish teacher is calm, approachable, has a good sense of humour, and is looking forward to spreading her tentacles!
For more information about the Be the Jellyfish Community classes and activities I offer contact me on:

Can’t find a teacher in your area? Then why not train yourself and start your own business as a Community Jellyfish Teacher!

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