#ChildrenTakeOver has been all over social media today as it is 2017’s Children’s Day theme.

This got us to thinking what the world would be like if children really did takeover from adults.
Family, friendship, fairness, caring for the environment and animal welfare are all things that many children worry and feel passionately about.

We’ve lost count of the number of children we have known who have adopted wild animals, raised money for a charity, given a shoe box gift, collected litter. Lovingly drawn a picture for a family member, written a caring note to a friend and stood up for someone in need.

The compassion, understanding and acceptance that children have for one-another, regardless of nationality, skin colour, ability, economic background, home life and gender; the way that other cultures and traditions excite and fascinate them and their daily acts and declarations of love to those around them, are all qualities that many adults would do well to adopt.

So what would the world be like? A world where humankind worked together for the greater good of the planet, the animal and plant kingdoms.

Sharing resources, helping those in need.

Celebrating and embracing differences.

Universal love, friendship, tolerance and fairness.

Sounds like paradise!

November 20th, 2017 by