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Supporting the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children

We are delighted to introduce ourselves and share our story with you.

Sarah Brogden and Lucy Cree – Co-founders of Be the Jellyfish and creators of the Be the Jellyfish programme

Lucy Cree

BulletPoint Qualified and experienced primary school teacher
BulletPoint Jellyfish teacher

About me

Hello and a very warm welcome to Be the Jellyfish. I am proud to be introducing myself as a co-founder and sharing my journey from an educational teacher to finding my path and passion as a Jellyfish teacher.

Like many classroom teachers I felt the pastoral side of my job was as important as the formal education. Alongside other inspiring professionals, I worked with children who benefitted from specific social and emotional support to access their learning potential. In doing so, this encouraged and helped them achieve their personal goals. Following this experience I strongly felt all children would benefit from further social and emotional support within school.

Fortunately, I was blessed to meet my future business partner, Sarah Brogden, at this point in time. Across the corridor was another teacher who had the same vision and mission. We had many ideas to combine and fine tune! However, as a classroom teachers, ‘time’ is in constant short supply. So, with careful consideration, we decided to dedicate all our time to supporting the social and emotional needs of children and leave the classroom.

With much planning and hard work Be the Jellyfish was born. After hours of writing and editing, combined with our shared love of tea, the company of our cherished cats at home and the support of our partners and family, the Jellyfish Programme was created and has been continually developed to where it is today.

Be the Jellyfish offers a unique programme that is specifically designed to support the needs of children and encourages them to discover, explore, express and manage feelings and finally develop both themselves and personal relationships. Classes have proven highly successful within schools and we have high ambitions to reach as many children as possible in educational settings and in the community.

It is my hope that educational professionals, who may be looking to develop their skills further or simply need a service to support them in this area, will look to Be the Jellyfish in the future.

I so look forward to meeting many of you and welcoming you into the Jellyfish family.

Best wishes,

Lucy X

Sarah Brogden

BulletPoint Qualified and experienced primary school teacher
BulletPoint Jellyfish teacher
BulletPoint IATE CCMH Certificate in Counselling Skills with Children (Using the Arts)
About me

Thank you for visiting our webpage and taking the time to find out a little more about us and what we do.

For many years I have used art and relaxation as a medium for helping children to feel good about themselves and to reach their full potential in the classroom. I would often begin lessons with visualisations, end the day in a massage or use art as a starting point for writing, exploring maths, connecting to the past and understanding science. These lessons proved to popular with the children I taught and the sense of calm, rise in self-esteem and overall feeling of wellbeing unsurprisingly had a knock on effect on behaviour and academic achievement.

In 2013 Lucy came to teach in the classroom opposite mine. Through staffroom tea, cake and chats we quickly discovered that we had similar views and approaches to helping children to access their learning, feel good within themselves and to form and maintain their friendships. We both recognised the importance of nurturing and facilitating personal expression and the need to provide an opportunity for relaxation within the school day.

To me, jellyfish always look effortlessly graceful and relaxed. I have always found them mesmerising, their otherworldly beauty and range of colours fascinating but it was a small child telling Lucy and I that he ‘felt he really was a jellyfish’ during a relaxation task that finally cemented the notion and possibilities of Be the Jellyfish in my mind. Luckily for me, Lucy had the same thought and by 2014 Be the Jellyfish was well and truly born.

Today, as I write this, I feel priviledged to have the opportunity to help support children socially and emotionally. As someone who has lived with an anxiety disorder since the age of ten, I love that I finally have the time to help children in a way that I was not.  To give them my full attention, to listen to their worries, their hopes and their fears. To help them to develop their creativity and personal expression, to teach them life skills and techniques that  provide them with a positive choice and make them see that they are wonderful just the way they are.  In addition, to create materials and resources that other adults can use to help children feel good about themselves is a dream for me and one that spurs me to continue on this journey with increased passion and determination.

Sarah X

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