A small business journey…

When Lucy and I started Be the Jellyfish in 2015 we weren’t doing it to get rich, to be business women or to be our own boss. Instead our primary motive was that together we wanted to create something that would help children. Yes we were still teaching, so supporting children on a day to day basis, but we were also trialling our Jellyfish material and were bowled over by the impact it was having. Although we enjoyed our work we were also both ready for a new challenge.

It’s no surprise to hear that being a teacher could be tough but it is also hugely enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. Saying goodbye was tough but we were both passionate about perusing Be the Jellyfish and discovering where it would lead us.

Four years later and we are not going to pretend it’s been an easy ride because in all honesty it hasn’t. It’s been tough. In the early days cash-flow can be up and down and non-existent. Staying motivated even when your marketing campaign yields no leads is disheartening. Trying to spread our message of the importance of supporting children’s wellbeing has sadly often fallen on deaf ears and budget deprived pockets but it’s the little steps, the small achievements. The positive feedback, the regular updates and reports of how Jellyfish has impacted the lives of children is what keeps us positive and keeps us going and so it is to those momentous things that we are thankful, we are motivated and we are more determined than ever to support children through Be the Jellyfish.

Since publishing the Be the Jellyfish Training Manual and creating our Be the Jellyfish resources, our products are helping children across the UK and even across the globe! We have schools facilitating Be the Jellyfish as close as in the towns we live and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand!

We have had the honour of training talented individuals in delivering the programme in schools and welcoming Community Jellyfish Teachers, who help us to reach out to even more children and families. We’ve enjoyed running our own classes and visiting schools to run activities for wellbeing days and mental health focus weeks.

We can’t express enough how thankful we are to still be on this journey and look forward to continuing to support the social and emotional wellbeing of children for many more years to come.

September 26th, 2019 by