January Blues Made Bright

Thankful for a rainbow on a January blues day

Thankful for a rainbow on a January blues day

January blues. Although I had felt them brewing since the tree came down, I thought I’d escaped them. But sure enough, I could feel them creeping up on me yesterday afternoon. Boom, like a big, black cloud of doom and despair.

The trigger? The knowledge that at some point I had to leave the warmth and venture out into the cold and grey. Once the clock hit 4.30 I knew that I could no longer put off my errand and reluctantly put on my boots, zipped up my coat and stepped out into the street. Hands in pockets, shoulders up and chin tucked firmly down into my collar. I grumbled to myself as I went on my way.

However, suddenly I looked up and I spotted the most awe-inspiring rainbow I have ever seen. Arching perfectly against the brooding, darkening sky, I cannot tell you the whoosh of happiness and sense of wellbeing I felt at seeing it. It was a feeling that accompanied me to my destination and back again, a feeling of being lucky!

Lucky that I went outside when I did.

Lucky that I am able to go outside as and when I want to.

Lucky that I saw that rainbow.

Lucky that I am able to physically see such wonders.

In a nutshell, this chance encounter with a rainbow pulled me out of my January blues. It  filled my being with colour, awe, wonder, happiness and perhaps most overwhelmingly, thankfulness. This got me thinking… I am going start a ‘thank you’ diary. Each day I will endeavour to list at least two things that I am thankful for.

I am already looking forward to reading it over next January; a sure way to make those January blues bright!


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